ABA therapy

Behavioral therapy involves helping to promote positive behaviors and discourage unwanted ones.

The one you will hear most about is called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy

What is ABA Therapy?

  • ABA Therapy has been shown to be one of the most helpful therapies for children with autism.

  • ABA Therapy helps them improve behaviors and social skills through 1-on-1 sessions and group play.

  • ABA Therapy helps them to overcome behaviors that get in the way of healthy development, and learn to use positive alternatives. 

  • The therapist gets to know the child's strengths and motivating factors to help encourage positive behaviors.

  • ABA Therapy creates and uses a set of strategies that help that child to react positively to their environment and situations.

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There are also other types of behavioral therapy.


Source: Autism Speaks, Centers for Disease Control (CDC)