Make the most of your EI services

You're already doing one of the best things for your child and your family by getting Early Intervention services!

The goal of Early Intervention is to help kids with developmental delays catch up. Many of the program's services will also address the special needs of kids with ASD and their families.

If you don't already, you will soon have the following things in place:

  • A contact person, or Family Service Coordinator (FSC) to help you manage the services

  • An Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) that describes the therapies and other services your child and family will get

To make the most of your Early Intervention services, talk with your Family Support Coordinator about ASD.  Ask if there are any special autism programs that would help. Make sure your IFSP includes everything you need. You can review the IFSP and make changes any time you want. Play with your child often! Practice the skills that you

Your Family Service Coordinator should be checking in with you every 3 months to make sure everything is going well. If this isn't happening, call them!

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