Autism support through EI

If you're applying for Early Intervention (EI) or already enrolled, make sure to include services specific to autism.

Your child may need therapies like OT, or Speech for a developmental delay. But they may also need support to address their social emotional development, relationship building and behavioral challenges.

EI Services that are helpful for autism:

  • Behavioral therapies like ABA: These help to overcome behaviors that get in the way of healthy development.

  • Developmental therapies: These focus on building skills to support learning and interacting with others.

  • Getting therapy more than once or twice a week: Many parents find that the more often their child gets therapy, the better they do, especially with behavioral ones like ABA.


Here's what you can do:

  • Make sure the autism diagnosis is part of your child's EI plan.

  • Make sure that your child's EI plan includes ABA or other therapies we've talked about that can support their specific needs.

  • Consider getting therapy outside of EI if that's possible. (See the note about the Resource Directory below)

  • Call some providers and get on waitlists even as you start applying for Early Intervention.

It can be hard to find ABA providers!

  • You may need to be on a waitlist! There are not enough ABA providers out there, and many times you will have to wait. But it's worth getting on the waitlists as soon as possible!

  • Other programs like MassHealth and DDS may have more providers available.

    • Your child may qualify for MassHealth, even if your family doesn't. (This is Medicaid.) And MassHealth may be able to pay for therapy like ABA.

    • The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) can also provide services.

Look in the Resource Directory to find service providers for therapies like ABA, Floortime, and Social Skills Groups.


See the other sections in the menu to learn more about using Medicaid, other insurance or DDS to get services!