Respite services (so you can take a break!)

It's okay to need a break every now and then! In fact, it's really important.

You have to take care of yourself in order take care of your child.

And this means knowing your limits.  

You might need an afternoon every week to do something for yourself, or a longer break — even overnight sometimes.  Maybe you have a work trip and need someone to stay with your child. 

Respite services can help! 

  • A trained caregiver will look after your child for a period of time. 

  • A respite caregiver can come to your home, or your child can stay at a respite center. 

  • Sometimes insurance will cover this!  But check with your policy first to make sure you are using the kind of respite they cover. 

To find a parent support group, use the Resource Directory 

En Español: Directorio de recursos

Click on Parent & Caregiver Support, and then check Respite Care.