The steps to getting Special Ed

Preview the steps to getting special education services

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image is a chart of teh Special Education process. It all starts with a referral. Then the ball gets rolling and starts with an evalution, determining eligibility, creating an IEP, finding a placement, giving appropriate isnstruction, having an annual review, and re-evaluation starts the process over again.

The process for getting services looks like this:

  1. Contact your school system and ask for a meeting.

  2. Get a referral for your child to have an evaluation.

  3. The school does an evaluation of your child.

  4. Based on the evaluation, you see if your child qualifies (is eligible)for special education.

  5. Your child might qualify for either an IEP or a 504 plan.

  6. If your child qualifies, you and the school will have a meeting and create the plan together.

  7. You'll meet every year to review the IEP or 504 plan and make sure it is still appropriate for your child.

If your child doesn't qualify for either a 504 or IEP, there are also other supports the school may be able to offer.


Source: MA DESE