The Transition Plan

This is a detailed plan for helping your child meet their goals for after high school.

You will work on this with your child's IEP team.

It should be developed when your child is 14, and you should discuss it in every IEP meeting. You should adjust it as needed throughout high school.

 There are 3 parts to the Transition Plan:

  1. Post-Secondary Vision Statement: this paints a picture of what life might be like for your child after they turn 22 or finish high school 

  2. A list of your child's disability-related needs: the skills your child will need in order to fulfill their vision for adult life

  3. An action plan: this describes the instruction, activities and services that will help your child to develop the skills they need and prepare for adult life

The Transition Plan should address your child's unique needs and goals for adult life. It will help to set up services and supports for life skills, social skills, job readiness, self-advocacy, independent living, and more.


Source: MA DOE