If your child is not diagnosed, but you think they may have autism

There are different kinds of testing that can help you know if your child has autism.

Here's what you can do if are concerned about your child: 

  • Ask their doctor to do developmental screenings and autism screenings.

  • Make an appointment for an evaluation at a specialty Developmental Clinic.

Diagnostic Evaluations:

  • Most pediatricians are not experts in autism. It takes a specialist to do the kind of testing that can identify autism.

  • There are many different tests that can help diagnose autism.

  • Ask your doctor to refer you to a specialty clinic, or make an appointment yourself.

Learn more: 

  • See our Resource Directory to find a clinic that can do an evaluation!

    • Look under Medical & Clinical Services.

    • Try these categories: Developmental Pediatricians or Diagnostic Evaluations.

  • See our other Guide: What to Do if Your Child has Autism

    • Go to Tools at the top of your screen and choose Topics & Tools.

  • For a very detailed description of assessments for autism, see A Parents Guide to Assessment.

    • (Click on it to open a web page in a new window. You can download this 66-page booklet from the Organization for Autism Research.)

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