Help your child get services and support

If your child is no longer enrolled in school, they will not be able to get the support services from the school system to help them transition to adult life.

But there are programs that can offer support.

Here's what you can do:

  • Call the Mass Rehab Commission at 617-204-3600. If your child qualifies, they may be able to get help preparing for a job or independent living.

  • Consider an adult basic education program. This can teach them what they need to know to get a General Education Diploma (GED). It's still better to get a high school diploma, but a GED will open doors to better jobs than they could get without it.

  • To find adult education programs, call the Mass Adult Literacy Hotline at 800-447-8844. (Or click on the title to open the website in a new tab.)

Consider trying to get your child back into high school.

  • One of the best things you could do it to help your child re-enroll and get back on track for graduation. If you or your child were discouraged because they didn't have enough support for their disability, you could make sure to put that in place now.

  • Call your school district. If your child was getting special education services before they left school, talk to the special education director and ask what your options are.

  • Contact the Boston Public Schools Re-Engagement Center (REC) at 617-635-2273(Or click on the title to open the website in a new tab.)Staff members work with students to discuss educational options, help them enroll in the right high school or alternative program, and develop a customized path to graduation.

Sources: Boston Re-engagement Center, World Education, Inc., Mass Dept. of Elementary & Secondary Education