Staying connected to your child

Keeping a good connection with your teenage child is so important, especially during this transition!


  • A strong relationship with family members will help your child through the challenges of adolescence.

  • It can strengthen your role as a trusted ally for your child. This will be important as they move into adult life.

  • You can help your child learn important skills they'll need as adults:

    • Listening to instructions

    • Expressing themselves

    • positive social interactions

  • Spending time together will help you both have fun and stay positive!

Here's what you can do:

  • Do things together that your child enjoys.

  • Encourage them to communicate their needs and thoughts.

  • Make sure they know that you understand and support them.

  • Keep in touch with what they're doing in school.

See the Exceptional Lives Resource Directory to find things like recreation activities and support groups.


Source: University of Washington Autism Center