Talk to your doctor

The next step is to talk to your child's doctor about your concerns.

Say that you are worried about your child's development and you want to see if they are delayed in any areas. It's part of your doctor's job to help keep track of your child's development. They can do a developmental screening to see if your child is on track. (We'll tell you more in the next page.)

Your doctor may say 'Don't worry, let's see how it goes.' But if you are still worried, insist on a screeing. Don't take no for an answer.

Click on the link at the bottom of the page for a helpful fact sheet about talking to your doctor. 

Why is it important to identify a problem with your child's development?

  • Because there are things you can do, and it's best to start right away.

  • Once you suspect there is a problem, you can start connecting to support systems.

  • It's ok if you don't have a diagnosis yet, but it will help later when you apply for services.

What if my child doesn't have a regular doctor?

  • It's very important for your child to have a regular doctor. This should be someone they see at least every year, and someone who you get to know and trust.

  • Babies should see their doctor every few months to make sure they are healthy and on track with their development.

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It's important to have a regular doctor for each member of your family! For children, this would be a pediatrician.

  • Sometimes a family doctor is called a PCP: Primary Care Physician.

  • This should be someone who you see every year, and get to know and trust.

  • It's especially important for children to have a regular doctor. Babies should see their doctor every few months to make sure they are healthy and on track with their development.

If your child does not have a doctor, here's what you can do:

  • Ask for a recommendation at your local hospital or health center.

  • Find out which pediatricians are included in your health insurance plan.

  • Pick one and call the hospital or health center to get started. Make sure to confirm that they take your health insurance.

If you don't have health insurance...

  • See our Health Insurance Guide. (Go to Tools at the top of the screen and choose Topics & Guides.) It will show you how to find different health plans and apply.

  • If your child does have a developmental delay, they may qualify for Medicaid, a state-run program that has good benefits for people with disabilities.

You should feel comfortable with your doctor. If you don't, you can change to a different one!

You can also take your child to a Developmental Clinic.

  • Whether you have a regular doctor or not, you can take your child to a special clinic where they have experience testing children for developmental issues.

  • Read on! We'll tell you how to find one.

We'll also tell you more about health insurance.