The 3 systems that can help your child

Why is it important to identify a problem with your child's development?

  • Because there are things you can do, and it's best to start right away.

  • Once you suspect there is a problem, you can start connecting to support systems.

  • It's ok if you don't have a diagnosis yet, but it will help later when you apply for services.


When your child has some kind of disability, there are 3 important systems you should connect with:

An image of three pipelines, that represent that metaphoric pipelines that your child will travel through in their life. The three pipelines are medical, educational, and government benefits.

You could think of these as pipelines:

  • You go in at the beginning, and travel through each one as your child goes through life.

  • Each one offers important services and supports to help your child cope with their struggles and improve their skills.

The earlier you go into each pipeline, the more help you can get! Early support is more likely to help your child catch up and not have long-lasting problems.

We'll tell you more about each one!