Assessing your company culture, practices and environment

It's important to do this.

It can show you the areas that you need to address most in order to meet your goals for becoming more disability-friendly.

  • Maybe your staff can use some guidance in how to interact appropriately PWD?

  • Maybe your physical space is not as accessible as you thought?

  • Maybe your policies for hiring and supporting employees are too rigid to accommodate people with certain challenges?

How can we assess?

  • There are formal and informal ways to assess your current practices.

  • You can have meetings, do surveys or interview staff from different levels.

  • You can also get a vocational agency to do a formal assessment and give recommendations.

Click on the box below for more on what to assess:

These are some of the areas you should look at when assessing your company's strengths and areas of improvement:


  • How well do you reach out to the disability community for potential candidates?

  • Are you connected with any vocational agencies that work with job seekers who have disabilities?

Hiring practices (interviewing methods, criteria for hiring, etc.):

  • Do you offer accommodations, if needed, during the hiring process?

  • Do your criteria take into account what a person could do with the proper support?

  • Are you flexible about how someone could show you their skills? (e.g. demonstrating them rather than describing their experience)


  • Do your training practices allow for accommodations?

  • Are you open to providing extra or specialized training for those who may need it?

Support on the job:

  • Would you be open to having job coaches working with employees when needed?

  • How well can you offer accommodations like specialized equipment or adjusted workspace placement?

  • Do you offer flexible work hours or job sharing?

Work environment:

  • How welcoming and supportive is your employee culture?

  • How accessible is your physical environment?

Here are two forms to help you get started:

  1. Facility Checklist: Quick assessment of physical space

  2. Sample Workplace Analysis Form: This looks carefully at a specific job within your company


However you end up assessing your workplace, the process itself should start to open a dialogue about disability issues.