About SSI and SSDI

If you have a disability and low income, you might qualify for these benefits:

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

  • These are programs of the US federal government'sSocial Security Administration.

  • They give monthly payments to people who are disabled and have low income and not many resources.

  • They also offer employment support.

Here's what you can do:

  • Go to our SSI Benefits Guide to learn about these benefits and how to apply. (Click on the title to open in a new tab on your screen.)

  • Ask about SSI at one of the support organizations, like an Independent Living Center or Vocational Program. (See the section in the menu about Support Orgs.)

More about SSI:

SSI is a program of the US federal government. It gives monthly payments to people who have low income and few resources.

What can SSI do for my family? It can help pay for basic needs, like food, housing, clothing, and more. Make your family member qualify right away for Medicaid, and maybe other state insurance programs.

Go to our SSI Guide to learn about this benefit and how to apply.

How do you qualify for SSI? You must meet the guidelines for disability, income, and resources.

Qualifying for SSI. How it is different for children and adults. For ages 17 and under, the definition of disability includes life skills and SSI looks at the income and resources of the parents. For ages 18 and over, the definition of disability includes life skills as well as the ability to work and SSI just counts the income and resources that are in the person


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