Improve your education and get experience

There are many things you can do to improve your chance of finding work!

Get more education:

  • If you didn't finish high school, you can go back to school and get a GED, or General Education Degree.

  • If you finished high school, you can look at colleges that have special programs for people with disabilities.

  • There are adult education programs, where you can improve your skills. To find a program:

Get some job experience:

  • Apprenticeships or internships — These can help you learn skills needed for a specific job.

  • Volunteer — If you volunteer at a workplace that interests you, you can get experience, learn work skills, and show the employers that you are responsible.  Many volunteer jobs lead to paid jobs!

Be creative — start your own business:

  • Do you have a skill or interest that people might pay for?  Examples: start a dog-walking service, make jewelry and sell it online, be a companion for an older person.

Connect with a support organization and ask them for advice on all of these options!