How to find out what your plan covers

Ask what services, or "benefits" your plan offers that relate to disabilities. 

These might be things like:

  • Tests or assessments

  • Special treatments or therapies

  • Special equipment or devices that help your family member communicate, move around, or do the normal things any other person can do

The main ways to find out are:

  1. Call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card

  2. Explore your health plan's website

  3. Look up the benefits in your Member's Handbook. 

It can be hard to get the right information!

But if you're persistent, you might be able to find other benefits from your insurance plan that can help your family member. 

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Here are a few places to call: Your local Human Services District, or HSD, Office. This is a place to ask about OCDD services. See the brochure on the last slide for the phone numbers of regional offices. The Medicaid Hotline in 888-342-6207. For Healthy Louisiana, or your specific Medicaid plan, look on the back of your insurance card for the phone number. Here is what you should ask: My Child has a disability. We need some support. What kind of services does Medicaid Offer? What if we don't have a waiver yet?

Sources: LDH, OCDD

How to learn about your benefits. Call the customer service for your health plan. Look on the back of your insurance card for the number. Go to the website for your insurance plan. If your insurance is through your employer, ask the human resources office for information about your health plan. Here is what you should ask. My child has a disability and we need some support. What kind of disability services does my plan offer? Make sure to describe their needs very clearly!


Sources: LDH, OCDD