What Is PreETS And Vocational Rehabilitation?

Pre-ETS is Pre-Employment Training. 

  • It's a program of services offered to all high school students who have IEPs

  • They are special classes that can help students prepare for getting--and keeping--a job.

  • It's run through LRS: Louisiana Rehabilitation Services.

Here are some examples of things your child can learn:

  • Soft Skills:  things like being responsible and respectful in the workplace, and dressing and acting appropriately.

  • Job Readiness:  things like how to figure out what kind of job would match your skills and interests, how to write a good Resume and cover letter, and how to do well in an interview.

  • Career Exploration: helping students to match their skills and interests with the best job options for them.

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)

  • This is the same thing, but is for people of any age after high school

  • It also includes other services like job matching, and support while on the job

  • LRS has a VR program that can help support your child's job needs after they graduate. There is often a waitlist, so apply as soon as you can!

  • There are also other VR programs through other organizations.

To find other VR programs, use our Resource Directory:

  • Find it in Tools at the top of the page.

  • Put in your zip code and choose Transition Services or Vocational Programs in the Education & Employment section.

Click on the box below to learn more:

Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS) is a state agency that helps people with disabilities reach their job goals.

Image showing services provided by the Louisiana Workforce Commission. LRS: Louisiana Rehabilitation Services: Helps people with disabilities to liveand work in their communities, Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services: Job training, placement and support, The Independent Living Program: Life skills and personal support, and Blind Services: Extra employment and living support.

When do I apply?

  • The end of junior year in high school.

  • You can apply anytime after that, but it's better not to wait. There may be a waitlist.

How do I apply?

  • Ask your guidance counselor or IEP team. Give the team permission to connect you.

  • Or find your local LRS office and call them directly.  They will tell you how to apply.

  • Click on this link for a list of local regional offices.  (It will open in a new tab on your screen)

What to expect:

  • They will assign a vocational rehabilitation (VR) counselor to work with your child.

  • You will all meet to talk about your child's needs and abilities.

  • They will do an evaluation to see if your child qualifies and what services they might need.

  • Together, you will decide on services and make a plan to help your child prepare for getting a job.

  • They may have a waitlist! It will depend on your child' needs and the state budget.

What kinds of services do they offer?

  • Medical exams (physical, psychological, or others)

  • Evaluation of interests, skills, and abilities for future work

  • Career Counseling

  • Mental health counseling, speech therapy, physical therapy, etc.

  • Training through special programs, apprenticeships, on-the-job training, etc.

  • Equipment or devices that they need in order to work (wheelchairs, prosthesis, glasses, communication devices, etc.)

  • Help with adaptations (changes) at the job site (changing lighting, adapting a telephone, a computer, or a tool, etc.)

  • Job Placement

  • Follow up after employment to ensure job success


Image of an exclamation markDoes your child need help with Social Skills? Image of three students talking

Some kids need to learn how to interact with others and work together. This is a common need for students with autism. It's also important for job readiness. Ask your IEP team about social skills classes!