Jump Start Career Or TOPS Tech Pathway

This option is for students who want to train for a job during high school.

It will give them a jump start on getting the career and technical experience they'll need.  It also prepares them for going on to a technical or community college.

What do you get when you graduate?Image with the subject 'What do you get when you graduate' above the text 'High School Diploma and one or more credentials for a specific type of job. Also called an Industry Based Credential (IBC)'

What classes do you take?

Image with the subject 'What classes do you take? Above the text 'College prep (math, english, etc.) Career Education (Basic Job Skills), Training for specific jobs (Like plumber, cook or EMT)'

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Graduation Requirements
 are the courses a student needs to take (and pass) in order to graduate.

They are listed in terms of Carnegie Units. A course counts as one Carnegie Unit if there has been 120 hours of class time. This is usually the same as a full year course.

End of Course (EOC) Assessments are tests students take after each course to be sure they understand the course content.

They must get a certain score to be able to count the course and earn the Carnegie Unit.

Jump Start Pathway Graduation Requirements:

Chart showing graduation requirements for Jump Start Pathway Programimage of a clipboard
Must have an EOC Assessment Score of Fair or higher in these courses:
- Algera 1 or Geometry
- English II or English III
- Biology or U.S. History



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