Call the Human Services District (HSD) Office

The first step is to call your local HSD office and tell them you want to apply for Medicaid Waivers.

OCDD: Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities

  • The department that oversees (runs) the programs for the state.

HSD: Human Services District (or Authority)

  • The local office that connects you with OCDD services, including Medicaid Waivers.

Flowchart showing organization within the Louisiana Department of Health: Within the LDH, there are different offices.(They are really departments.), OCDD is in charge of services for children and adults with developmental disabilities, and The HSD offices are where you go in your region to connect to these services.

There are HSD offices all over the state. Click on the link below to see all locations and phone numbers:

Developmental Disabilities Services Directory.

(It will open in a new tab or window on your screen.) 

Or click on the button below for a map and phone list:

Map showing Louisiana Human Services Departments and contact information

If your family member has a disability, you should connect with these state offices! They offer many services besides the Medicaid Waivers.


Sources: LDH, OCDD