If you don't qualify

What if you don't qualify?

  • If you disagree with the decision, call them back and explain why. Make sure you describe your limitations in detail. Tell them if you have no other services.

  • Make sure they have met with you face to face to determine your needs.

  • Ask them what other services you might be able to get. Be persistent!

  • Call a support organization like an Independent Living Center, an Arc, or Families Helping Families. (We'll tell you about these organizations later in this Guide.)

  • Call the Louisiana Advocacy Center: 1-800-960-7705. They can give you advice and help you to stand up for your rights.

  • If you need help taking care of yourself, call the The Office of Aging and Adult Services (OAAS) and ask them about Long-Term Personal Care Services. You might be able to get in-home help from a Personal Care Attendant (PCA).


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Long Term Personal Care Services from OAAS (LTPCS)

  • These services are for people who cannot take care of their own daily needs, like eating, bathing, dressing and moving around their house.

  • Based on your needs, you'd get a certain number of hours per week to hire a Personal Care Attendant (PCA). This is also called a Direct Care Service Worker. (Click on the button below to learn more.)

  • You may be able to get these services if you don't qualify for other services from OCDD, or if you're on the waitlist for a waiver. They come from a separate department and are based only on need and income.

To qualify for LTPCS, you need to:

  • Be over age 22

  • Have an income of less than about $735 per month (This is an estimate only!)

  • Meet the guidelines for "level of care". This means that you must show that you need help with many of your basic needs like dressing, eating, taking medicine, getting around in your home, etc. These are called ADLS, or Activities of Daily Living.

Here's what you can do:

  • Call OAAS at 877-456-1146

  • Ask them about LPTPCS

  • Describe your needs as clearly as you can

They will ask you some questions on the phone, then meet you for a face-to-face assessment.



PCA services are for people who live in the community but need extra help to safely live on their own.

You will hire a PCA through an agency of your choice to help you at home.


Click on the link at the bottom of the page to download a copy of the Rights and Responsibilities of people applying for Medicaid Waivers. You'll learn who to call with a complaint and how to appeal a decision. 

Keep reading! We'll tell you how to find more support!


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