Prepare your materials

You may have noticed there is a lot of paperwork!

It can be helpful at the meeting and through the whole process to have a way to organize it all.

Many parents create an IEP binder: a 3-ring binder with folders to keep all of the paperwork together.

Here's what you can do:

1. Put these documents in the IEP binder:Image of a ruled paper binder

  • Previous progress reports from the school

  • Notes from meetings or conferences

  • Evaluation results

  • Reports from outside service providers, like therapists

  • Medical documents and test results

  • Emails, letters or other input with teachers or school staff that may be relevant

  • Most Important: Your list of questions and thoughts (from the last screen)

2. It is also helpful to get familiar with the IEP form before the meeting. Image of a sheet of paper with the heading 'IEP'

Click the box below to download a copy of the Louisiana IEP form. We will walk you through each section of this form soon!


Source: LA DOE