Disagree with the school? An overview of what you can do

You have the right to disagree with many aspects of the evaluation process and the development of the IEP.

For example, you might disagree with:

  • The IEP goals or interventions
  • The amount of services (like therapies) the IEP team is suggesting
  • The progress your child is making
  • The school's response to behavior issues

There are many options for what you can do next. 

These are the steps, in order:

Image of a schoolhouse1. Meet with the school again
    Share your concerns with the school team and try to work together.

Image of an IEP Binder2. Request a facilitated IEP
     Bring in a neutral facilitator to improve communication between you
     and the IEP team.

Image of 3 people sitting at a table3. Ask for Mediation
     Bring in a neutral mediator who is trained to help resolve issues
      between you and the school district. 

Image of a signed document

4. File an informal complaint
5. File a formal complaint

Image of a courthouse6. File for a Due Process Hearing
      This is a formal meeting, like a court trial. This should be a last resort!


We'll walk you through each of these in the next few pages.


Sources: Families Helping Families, Advocacy LA, LDOE