Attend a pre-hearing conference

If none of the other options resolved your dispute, you might want to go ahead with the due process hearing.

Usually, the first step is to file a request for a hearing. Once the LA DOE receives the request, they will let you know they have it, and they will forward it to the Division of Administrative Law. They will assign an ALJ to your case and give them a copy of your request for hearing.

The ALJ will schedule pre-hearing conference. This is a chance to get everyone together to clarify what the problem is, talk about scheduling the hearing, and try to see if there are other resolution options before the hearing.

Here's what you can do:

  1. You or the school can ask the ALJ for a pre-hearing conference.

  2. The ALJ will schedule the date and time of your conference.

  3. Your lawyer can come with you(if you have one).

  4. At the conference, the ALJ may ask a few questions to see if the matter is ready for the formal hearing. You may talk about the following things:

    • Clarifying the issues

    • Areas where you agree and disagree

    • Ideas for solutions

    • Timing for exchanging information and documents

    • Details for the hearing: scheduling, length, and getting an interpreter if needed


Source: LA DOE