The IFSP meeting

Hold your IFSP meeting

What to expect:

  • The meeting is usually in your home, but you can have it somewhere else if you like.

  • Your FSC and maybe some other specialists will be there. You can invite anyone else you want who knows your family and could help you.

  • They will help you think about your family's strengths, challenges, and needs.

  • Your FSC will fill in the IFSP form, but you will make all decisions together and make sure it feels right.

Here's what you can do: 

  • Think about your child and your family: your strengths, concerns, and what kind of support you think you need.

  • If you want, invite people to the meeting who know your child, such as a grandparent, teacher, or supportive friend.


Click below to see the sections of the IFSP form. You can see what kinds of things you will talk about.

The IFSP form describes the goals you have for your child and family, and the steps you will take to reach them.

This includes the services you will get, and also what you'll do at home. It's very detailed and complicated, but your FSC will walk you through the whole thing and fill it out with your input.

It includes these sections:

  • Child Information: Basic contact information

  • Family Concerns, Priorities and Resources: Describes your child's and your family's strengths, concerns and priorities.

  • Present Levels of Health and Development: Describes your child's health and development, as found in the evaluation and medical records.

  • Child & Family Outcomes and Strategies: Describes your goals (outcomes) for your child and family, and the kinds of teaching and learning that will help you reach them.

  • Early Intervention Services: Lists the kinds of services you will get, when and where they will happen, and who will provide them. (It also can say if you need transportation to these services)

  • Transition Plan: Outlines the activities that will help your child to get used to a new setting when they turn 3.

  • Assistive Technology Devices and Services: This lists any equipment or devices your child needs, and how it will be paid for.

  • Annual Signature Page: You will have to sign the IFSP before services start, and every year after re-evaluating.

Source: LDH

Don't worry! This is an important step to help your child and your family!

You must sign off to give consent to the services.

If you have any questions, your FSC will explain what these mean.

Image of an exclamation markRemember - the IFSP is your document!
It is based on your concerns and goals.
You can ask for an IFSP meeting at any time! 


What happens next?

  • You will start getting the services! The schedule will be in the IFSP.

  • The services must start within 30 days of signing the IFSP — this is a rule! If they don't, you should call your FSC.

Image showing the process and wait time for an Individual Family Service Plan or IFSP with the text 'After you call or get a referral to EarlySteps, they have 45 days to create the IFSP with you. When the IFSP is done, they have 30 days to start the services. That is 75 days total from when you get the referral to when you start services.'


Source: LDH