Re-evaluation and Transition

Get ready for next steps 

These are two things to be ready for:

The re-evaluation

  • EarlySteps will evaluate your child again after 1 year.

  • This will tell you if your child still qualifies. If they do, you will keep getting services. You'll review the IFSP and sign the papers again.

  • If your child does not qualify, your FSC will help you transition out of the EarlySteps program. They'll help you find other support if you still need it.

What do you see your child doing or needing when they turn 3?

  • As you know, EarlySteps stops when your child turns 3. But don't worry, there are other services for them after that! It's called Transition when you move out of EarlySteps.

  • There are lots of things you can do beforehand to help your family and your child get ready for this change.

  • You should be talking about this with your FSC at every meeting, even when your child is very young. Ask your FSC about transition anytime!

  • Your FSC will start helping you prepare formally when your child is 2 years and 9 months old.

Start thinking about Transition as early as you're ready.


See the next section to learn more!

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