Getting the support you need

Make sure your child and family are getting what they need 

Most of the time EarlySteps works with you to make sure your child gets the services they need. But if you feel they need more, or your family needs other kinds of help, you can find more services.

Is your child not getting a type of service you think they need? Or are they getting these services but not often enough? Does your family need help caring for your child?

Here's what you can do:

  • First talk to your FSC. Ask them to look at the IFSP and consider adding the services you want. Explain why you think your child needs them.

  • If that does not work, you can look for your own therapists in areas like speech, OT, PT, or behavioral support.

  • Your family may also want things like support groups, respite care, or counseling.

  • Ask your insurance if they can pay for these services.

  • See our Resource Directory to search for providers near you. You can even see which providers accept Medicaid, which is known as Healthy Louisiana or LA CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program).