What are Medicaid Waivers?

If there's a chance your child may need extra support services consider applying for Medicaid Waivers.

This could be one of the most important things you do to get support throughout your child's life.


Waivers are part of Medicaid, which is a state-funded health insurance.

  • They're also called Home and Community-Based Waivers.

  • They provide services for children and adults with developmental disabilities who need some extra support in order to live at home.

Services for children may include:

  • a direct service worker (or personal care attendant: PCA)

  • respite care: trained people to watch your child so you can get a break

  • more types of therapy

  • service coordination

Depending on how urgent your child's needs are, there may be a wait. So it's best to apply as soon as possible.

Image of two thought bubbles with the text 'My child won’t need that kind of support! That’s for people with more severe problems...' in the first bubble, and the text 'But what if they do need help when they’re older? What do have to lose? Apply now just in case! You can always turn down the services if you don’t need them.' in the second bubble.'


See our Medicaid Waivers Guide to learn more. 


Source: Medicaid, LDH