Emotions and stigma

This might be the start of a tough and emotional journey.

There are many things that may be going through your head.

Image of four thought bubbles with different thoughts that might be going through your head. They are 1. What will people think? Will they treat my family differently? 2. Was it something I did? 3. How can I talk to people about this? 4. I'm soooo tired

 Here's what can you do: 

  • Talk to friends and family about your feelings.  Get different points of view.

  • Let people get to know your child.  People are usually very accepting, gracious, and willing to support you.

  • Know that no one is to blame. 

  • Don't let these feelings prevent you from taking care of your child.

Even if your child is different, they are a valuable part of your family and your community, just like any child!