Watch how your child develops

Keep track of your child's development, and take notes.

See the Section in the menu about Milestones and Developmental Delay to see what kinds of things to look for.

Share the information with your child's doctor at each checkup.

Keeping your notes together can be very useful as you go through this journey!

What to include:

  • Notes about your child's development: what they can do at what age
  • Pictures of them doing different skills and behaviorsImage of a binder
  • Record of appointments with doctors or other professionals
  • Results of tests or evaluations
  • Record of your communication with government offices or the school system.  (This helps to prove when you applied, got on a waitlist, etc.)
  • Important phone numbers
  • Questions you want to ask

    Image of a document  Image of a photo of a child  Image of a calendar  Image of a doctor