Different types of decisions

There are many kinds of decisions that adults must make.

Think about how your child might be able to manage these types of decisions.

Image of parent character Paula with a thought bubble containg the text 'Education, Healthcare, Insurance, Housing and Managing Money


Once a child turns 18, parents will not be able to do the following:

Image of cashMoney
Parents will not be able to:
- Manage bank accounts
- Authorize a credit card


Image of a student walking to schoolEducation
Parents will not be able to:
- Decide on their special education services (sign the IEP)
- Decide if they stay in school until 22


Image of a first aid kitHealthcare
Parents will not be able to:
- See their child's medical records
- Make decisions about medical care and treatment
- Give permission for procedures, even in an emergency
- Talk with insurance companies about their coverage


Image of a houseHousing
Parents will not be able to:
- Decide where their child will live
- Decide who their child will live with
- Apply for section 8 housing or other benefits
- Sign a lease


People with disabilities often need help making these decisions in order to protect themselves from harm, and get the most out of life.

  • There is a range of options in Louisiana to help support your child's decision-making once they turn 18.

  • There are ways to get permission to make some of these decisions for your child, but let them make others themselves.

  • We'll go through the options with you!