What rights are affected?

All rights that minors have before they turn 18 can be affected by a continuing tutorship.

That's why it is important to carefully outline the rights and decisions you want to continue to control. Here are some examples of rights that continue through the tutorship:


  • Under federal law, teachers and principals normally can't involve anyone in educational discussions about a student once that student turns 18. With a continuing tutorship, parents can continue sitting in on IEP meetings and making decisions until the child leaves the public school system or turns 22.


  • There is a similar federal law that prevents doctors or other medical professionals from sharing information about a patient with anyone else once that patient turns 18. With a continuing tutorship, parents can continue receiving medical information about their child, attending appointments, and making medical decisions.


  • With a continuing tutorship, parents should be able to extend their parental responsibility to handle financial matters past the age of 18. This can get tricky if your bank's headquarters are outside of Louisiana. It is best to talk to the legal department of your bank.

Other Rights

  • Minors under 18 also have the right to enter contracts with parental consent. They keep this right with a continuing tutorship unless the Petition says otherwise!

As we've said before, this is a tricky area of law. We recommend seeking legal help! Keep clicking through the next screens and we'll tell you how to get help.


Source: Advocacy Center LA