Is this expensive? About the costs and fees

Do tutors get paid? 

Some courts will allow the tutor to receive some money each year for carrying out this role. The amount of money cannot exceed 10% of the value of the person's property. The payment might not be much if the person is young or has no assets.

There are some costs involved with getting a continuing tutorship.

Lawyers' fees

  • You'll need to pay for your own lawyer, if you get one. If you have low income, you can sometimes find free or low-cost legal help. See the previous screen for more about this.

Filing fees 

  • You'll need to pay the court a filing fee when you deliver or mail in your forms. (This means they charge you a fee to submit your forms.) These fees vary from parish to parish.


  • The legal process requires you to pay to make sure your family member gets an official copy of your petition. Sometimes this is called the sheriff's fee and is included in the filing fee.

Lawyer for your family member  

  • If they are 18 or older, the court will appoint a lawyer for them, and you might need to cover these costs.