Summary of support services

There are programs to help you train for a job, find a job, and get personal support while on the job.

We can't find a job for you, but we will tell you how to connect to the services and programs that can help. We'll tell you more about these services and supports, but here's a quick overview.

State Services: 

These services are offered by the state.  You have to apply and qualify. They may have a long wait list, depending on their funds.

  • Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS) 

  • Medicaid Waivers 

Other ways to find support:

  • Vocational Programs — There are other employment support agencies besides LRS that help people with disabilities find jobs.

  • Support Organizations — They will talk to you personally, answer your questions, and help you find what you need, usually for free.  If they can't help, they'll tell you who else to call.

  • Exceptional Lives Resource Directory — Look in our Resource Directory to find a program near you.  Find it in Tools at the top of your screen. Put in your zip code and search for "Vocational Programs".

SSI - Supplemental Security Income:

  • Run by the federal government, this program provides monthly cash benefits and also some job support programs.