State programs and what to do first

If you have a developmental disability (DD), there are lots of services you can qualify for to help with your employment goals.

Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS) is a state office that can help you prepare for and find a job. If you have a Medicaid Waiver, there are even more services that can help.

For example:

  • Job-readiness Training —Helps with skills you need for all kinds of jobs, like being responsible and interacting well with coworkers

  • Job-matching —Helps you find a job that works for you

  • Supported Employment —Job coaching and support on the job

  • Equipment and Adaptations —Helps with devices you need at work, and changes to your home or car like a wheelchair ramp

These services can help you if you live with your family, in your own home, or in a group setting in the community.

Here are the most important things you can do:

  1. Apply to Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS)

  2. Apply for Medicaid Waiver services and other state services

  3. Call other support organizations and vocational programs and ask for help

We'll tell you more about all of these services and how to apply.


Sources: LDH, OCDD