How to apply for VR services from LRS

How do I apply?

  • Click on this link for a list of local regional offices. (It will open in a new tab on your screen)

  • Find your local office and call them. They will tell you how to apply.

  • Make sure to describe your needs carefully! They give services to people who are most in need.You must explain why you cannot work without specific supports.

Say exactly what kind of help you need:

Say exactly the kind of help you need. If you need help with basic job readiness skills, say I need employment related training. If you need personal support on the job, say i need supported employment. If you need special equipment or devices to do a job, say I need accessibility adaptations. Most importantly, be sure to say this: without these services, I would not be able to get or keep a job.


Ask about help to do these things:

  • Improve your job readiness skills

  • Find a job that works for you

  • Ask for accommodations in the workplace

  • Find transportation to get to interviews and work

  • Get and use the equipment or devices you need to do a job

What to expect: 

  • They will assign a VR counselor to work with you.

  • You will meet to talk about your needs and abilities.

  • They will do an evaluation to see if you qualify and what services you might need.

  • If they can offer you services, you will decide together on services and make a plan to help you prepare for getting a job.

Image of an exclamation markLRS services can be hard to get. The state has a certain amount of money for this program, and it doesn't always cover everyone who needs the help. They have to choose the people most in need.

But we'll tell you about other ways to find vocational support!


Sources: Louisiana Workforce Commission, LRS