Services from OCDD and OAAS

We've talked about LRS and Medicaid Waivers, but there are other programs, too.

Louisiana has a network of offices that have services for people with developmental disabilities or other disabilities.

Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (OCDD)

  • The department that oversees (runs) state programs for people with developmental disabilities

  • Click the link at the bottom of the page to download a brochure.

Human Services District (or Authority) (HSD/HSA)

  • The local office that connects you with OCDD services, including Medicaid waivers

  • Call them first if your disability started before age 22

Office of Aging and Adult Services (OAAS)

  • The department in charge of services for older adults or those with any kind of disability

  • Call them first if your disability started after age 22

Flowchart showing The Louisiana Department of Health or LDH. Within the LDH there are different offices, they are really more like departments. They are the OCDD and the OAAS. The OCDD is the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities. This office provides services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. The OAAS is the Office of Aging and Adult Services. It provides services for people with disabilities and older adults. Outside of the LDH, is the HSD Office or the Human Services District Office. Call you local HSD Office to connect to OCDD services.   

If you need support for any aspect of daily living, you should connect with these offices and ask for the specific supports you need.

Here's what you can do:

  • Call your HSD or OAAS offices.

  • Tell them about your disability and what kind of services you need in order to live a full life. Be specific and thorough. The intake person you talk to must understand what prevents you from taking care of all your needs.

  • Ask them about Medicaid Waivers and what other services you might qualify for.

  • If you are not getting any services yet, make sure to tell them that! Anything that shows them how much you need the help will help you qualify.

Click on the boxes below to learn more and find your nearest HSD or OAAS office:

These are the regional HSD offices in Louisiana.  Call the one closest to you.

Note that some offices are called Districts, and some are called Authorities.

Go to this website for more information. (It will open in a new tab or window.)

Or call this main office:

You can also call the OCDD Resource Centers:

(These links will open in a new tab on your screen.)

Click here for more information about the Resource Centers.

Or call the center closest to you:

OAAS offers these services to people with disabilities who have Medicaid (Healthy Louisiana)

  • Community Choice Waiver

  • Adult Day Health Care Waiver

  • Long Term Care Services

What are Waivers?

  • Groups of services to help people who can't care for themselves without support

  • They include Support coordination - you'll be assigned aSupport Coordinator to help manage the process and the services.

Here's how to contact them:

  • Call the Louisiana Options in Long-Term Care Hotline at 1-877-456-1146.

  • If you are asking about services for someone else, please have that person's name, address and Medicaid number

  • Or you can submit a request with this online form: OAAS Request for Services.(It will open in a new tab.) Someone will contact you to answer your questions.

What services are covered with an ADHC waiver?

  • Adult day health care- daily programs and group activities that help adults with their ADLs, exercise, nursing and health counseling

  • Support coordination- your family member will be assigned aSupport Coordinator to help them manage the process and the services. (Click on the button below to learn more.)

  • Transition intensive support coordination(TISC) - if your family member lives in a nursing facility but they're planning to move back home(either with you or someplace else), then TISC services will help with that process.

  • Transition services- these are expenses or fees that are needed to help your family member move from a nursing facility to their own home or apartment. These services will pay for certain things, such as a security deposit or set-up fees for utilities (phone, electric, etc.)There is a $1,500 lifetime limit per person.

Source: OAAS

Long Term Personal Care Services from OAAS (LTPCS)

These services are for people who cannot take care of their own daily needs, like eating, bathing, dressing and moving around their house.

  • Based on your needs, you'd get a certain number of hours per week to hire a Personal Care Attendant (PCA). This is also called a Direct Care Service Worker. (Click on the button below to learn more.)

  • You may be able to get these services if you don't qualify for other services from OCDD, or if you're on the waitlist for a waiver. They come from a separate department and are based only on need and income.

To qualify for LTPCS, you need to:

  • Be over age 22

  • Have an income of less than about $735 per month (This is an estimate only!)

  • Meet the guidelines for "level of care". This means that you must show that you need help with many of your basic needs like dressing, eating, taking medicine, getting around in your home, etc. These are called ADLS, or Activities of Daily Living.

Here's what you can do:

  • Call OAAS at 877-456-1146

  • Ask them about LTPCS

  • Describe your needs as clearly as you can

They will ask you some questions on the phone, then meet you for a face-to-face assessment.

Click the link at the bottom of the page to learn more!

What are PCA services?

PCA services are for people who live in the community but need extra help to safely live on their own.

You will hire a PCA through an agency of your choice to help you at home.


Source: OAAS, OCDD

OAAS: Office of Aging and Adult Services

Here are the regional offices:

(You can click on the name to get more information about that office, or call the number.)

Source: OAAS

Sources: LDH, OCDD, OAAS