Explaining your needs

To get services, you'll have to explain very clearly why you need this support.

Think about all the things people do when they live on their own.

This includes working and being part of the community.  

Which things are hard for you?

What kind of help do I need because of my disability? ADLs: Activities of Daily Living i.e. dressing, bathing, eating. Preparing food and cleaning my house. Transportation, getting from place to place. Taking my medicine and going to the doctor. Finding and keeping a job. Taking part in community activities.

When you call the HSD or OAAS office, you have to help them understand why you cannot live on your own without support.

People with the most extreme needs are more likely to get services sooner.

Say exactly what kind of help you need. If you need help with activities of daily livings or ADLs, say I need a PCA and Day Habilitation. If you need help finding and doing a job say, I need supported employment. If you can't get around on your own say, I need transportation. If you cannot work or take care of yourself during the day say, I need Adult Day Healthcare. You should also say 'Without these services, I would not be able to live at home or in the community. This is most important!

See the page in the menu about Medicaid Waiver Services. This describes some of the services you may need. It can help to mention them by name.