Supported living services

If you have a Developmental Disability (DD), there are lots of services you can qualify for to support your daily life.

If you have a Medicaid Waiver, you have a huge benefit! The Waiver will pay for these services and help you plan them. (See the section in the menu on the left to learn more about Waivers.)

Here are examples the services you can get:

  • Housing Stabilization Services: Moves you from a nursing home to a more independent living situation

  • Personal Care Services: A PCA (Personal Care Attendant) helps you take care of your daily needs in your home

  • Supported Employment: Gives you job-coaching and support on the job

  • Day Habilitation: Teaches you daily-living skills, like bathing, housekeeping, and managing money

  • Specialized Medical Equipment and Supplies: Pays for devices like hearing aids, communication boards, and leg braces. Also, teaches you how to use these devices.

  • Environmental Accessibility Adaptations: Makes changes to your home or car to make it more accessible. For example, by adding a wheelchair ramp to your house.

Housing and supported living services can help you whether you live with your family, in your own home, or in a community group setting.

What are PCA Services?

PCA services are for people who live in the community but need extra help to safely live on their own.

You will hire a PCA through an agency of your choice to help you at home.

A personal care attendant (PCA) can help you with activities of daily living (ADLs), health and safety, practice independence skills, light housekeeping, and transportation.


Also see the page in the menu about Medicaid Waiver Services. This describes some of the services that help people live independently

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