What to Do if Your Child is on The Autism Spectrum - Introduction

Learning your child is autistic can be overwhelming. But it can also be a relief to know what's going on so you can support their needs.

Image of Parent Character Paula and her son

Whether you have an autism diagnosis or you're just concerned, we'll tell you where to start.

You are not alone! There are people and services who can help you to adapt your world to your child's needs, and to help your child to manage the things that are hard for them.

Thanks to autistic adults speaking about their experiences, we are learning more about how to approach autism and how to support autistic kids in a caring and supportive way.

There are ways to test children to see if they are on the spectrum, have a different diagnosis, or just need extra support.

As a parent, you know your child better than anyone.  So you will be a big part of helping the doctors, therapists, teachers and community to understand them and their needs. We'll help you learn what to do and who to connect with!


We hope this Guide will answer your questions. If not, we'll tell you who to call.

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