Plan ahead for transitioning out of EarlySteps

Remember that EarlySteps ends when your child turns 3.

As you know, EarlySteps only covers kids who are under 3. But don't worry! This just means that your child graduates from EarlySteps.

If you still need services, the school system steps in to support you in the same way. Your EarlySteps program will help you and your child to prepare for this. It's called transition.

School based services:

Image of a schoolhouse.After Transition, you'll work with your local school system. 
They are required to help students with disabilities succeed in school

The department in charge of this may be called:





What happens when your child turns 3?

  • You will stop getting EarlySteps services on your child's 3rd birthday.

  • If your child still needs services, you will connect with your parish's school system and go through a similar process as with EarlySteps.

  • Your child will have a new evaluation, and you'll get a school liaison (coordinator) who will help you plan anew set of services.

Here's what you can do:

  • Think about what you want for your child in the next few years.

  • Talk to your FSC about transition and your options.

  • See our EarlySteps Guide to learn more about transition. Also see our Special Education Guide to learn about that whole process.

This transition can be a tough time for any parent, especially when you have a child with autism. Planning ahead can make it easier for everyone!


Source: LA DOE


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