Planning for life after school

In Louisiana your child can get their IEP services until they are 22 years old, or until they graduate with a regular high school diploma.

After this, they will no longer get services from their school district.

Image of an exclamation markIt can be a little scary to lose the support of the school system!
But it's very important to work on finding other services to have in place before your child graduates.

There are other programs that will offer different services to young adults with autism or other disabilities!

Once your child turns 16, the school and IEP team should be helping you plan for transition to life after school. Talk to them and ask questions about what might be next for your child.

What should we be thinking about?


Image of a houseWhere do they want to live?
Can they live on their own, or do they need supervision?
How will pay housing?


Image of a briefcaseWill they have a job with a paycheck?
Can they work on their own, or do they need help at work?
Where will they work?


Image of a money bagAre there state or federal programs out there that could help them with independent living skills, or help them find a job, or a home? (Hint - there are!)


Image of a healthcare cross and a checkmarkDo they know the difference between right and wrong?
Can they make safe choices?
If they take medicine, can they do that on their own?


Your answers to these questions will help you pinpoint your child's options after they graduate.

If you can, try to talk with your child about this. It will be good for them to start thinking ahead, too!


Sources: Expertise, LA DOE


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