Preparing for employment

If your child wants to get a job and work, there are many ways to support them!

Society is becoming more accepting of people with autism. Many employers are willing to hire people who can do the job, even if they need extra support.

Here's what you can do:

  • Recognize the skills and interests your child has.

  • Be positive and encouraging.

  • Read up on how to find jobs for people with autism.

  • Look for volunteer opportunities.

  • Work with the IEP team to include job preparation in transition planning.

  • Connect with vocational rehabilitation programs.

  • Get help from the programs your state offers, like LRS (see the next section).

What are Vocational Rehabilitation Programs?

  • These provide services to help people with autism or other disabilities get a job, and support them on the job.

  • They include job readiness and training, counseling and help with equipment needed at the work site.

Check out the resources below to learn more about finding a job and getting training for people with autism.

Articles to read: 

See our sections on Transition to Adulthood and Employment to learn more about supporting your child's job goals!

Also see the Resource Directory to find employment and vocational programs in your area.


Sources: Autism Speaks, The Arc of Louisiana


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