Tips and resources for kids who wander

Does your child sometimes wander away and get lost?

There are things you can do to keep them safe.

Here's what you can do: 

  • Use visual supports, like a social story or checklist. These can help teach your child not to wander off and what to do if they are lost.

  • Teach your child their address and phone number if possible.

  • Get special door locks and alarms.

  • Get I.D. for your child to wear, like bracelets or shoe tags.

  • Look at tracking apps that can help you find a lost child.

  • Many towns let you register your child with the police department so the police know what to expect and how to interact if they find them.

Look at the following programs and resources to help track your child and find them if they get lost.

Project Lifesaver:

  • Training for caregivers and first responders (like police or firefighters).

  • System to recognize your child and call you if the police or fire department finds them.

  • Tracking technology

  • Read more about Project Lifesaver (Click on the name to open the website in a new tab on your screen)

  • These are the places in Louisiana that have this program:

    • Fire Departments:

      • Port Allen - Subdistrict #3:225-346-5676

      • Central Fire Protection District #4:225-261-2000

      • Shreveport: 318-673-6650

    • Sheriff's Offices:

      • East Baton Rouge Parish: 225-802-0822

      • LaSalle Parish: 318-992-2151

Big Red Safety Box:

  • You can get a box filled with resources to help prevent your kid from wandering away.

  • Includes a booklet with tips and information

  • I.D. cards, wristbands, and door alarms

  • Read more on the Big Red Safety Box website. (Click on the name to open the website in a new tab on your screen)

Sources: Project Lifesaver, National Autism Association

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