Connecting with the Support Coordinator

You will choose a Support Coordinator from a list of qualified agencies.

The Support Coordinator will:

  • Act as your family's teammate during this process

  • Come to your home to meet with your child and talk about their needs

  • Help you set up services and create a Plan of Care (POC)

  • Help with the financial eligibility process with the Medicaid parish office.

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The Support Coordinator will be your family member's teammate in the waiver process.

They will be the main contact for anything relating to waiver services.

Here are some of the things they will do:

  • Tell the provider agency that your family member would like to get services from them

  • Make sure the providers agree to give your family member the services they need

  • Get help from the provider when filling out the Plan of Care (POC)

  • Give the POC packet to the Office of Aging and Adult Services (OAAS) for their review and approval

  • Check in with your family member at least once a month to see how services are going

  • Make changes to the POC if needed 

The rules of the waivers say that families must choose their own providers, including the Support Coordinator.

This is one of your important rights: Freedom of Choice.

But you may wonder: how do I know which one to choose?

Here's what you can do: 

  • Ask other families you know about their providers.

  • Ask Families Helping Families to connect you to others who get waiver services.

  • Ask your Support Coordinator for advice on how to choose.

  • Narrow down the list to ones that offer services at the times you need them.

Want to look at the Waiver providers ahead of time?

  1. Click on this Freedom of Choice Provider Listing (It will open in a new tab on your screen)

  2. Click on your region on the map

  3. Choose which services you're interested in and click on "Browse Providers"

  4. Scroll down to see a list of qualified providers to choose from 

You must meet with the Support Coordinator within 7 business days after getting approval.

What happens in this meeting:

  • The Support Coordinator will talk with you and get to know your family member.

  • They will explain the Waiver's services and help you decide which ones will best fit your family member's needs.

  • They'll show you a listing of providers for the services.

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Make sure your family member asks the Support Coordinator to tell them about all of the services they could get - it can't hurt to ask!


Source: LDH, OCDD