Your rights and responsibilities

If your family member gets services through a Medicaid waiver program, their Support Coordinator must make sure that you understand their rights.

Here's what you can do:

  • Read through these rights and responsibilities and ask your Support Coordinator about anything you don't understand.

  • Make sure your rights are being upheld!


Your Rights and ResponsibilitiesImage of a checklist

Freedom of Choice Program
You can choose who your child gets services from. You can also change providers in the Plan of Care.


Adequacy of Care
Your child can get the services they need to live in your home.


Participation in Care
You and your child's Support Coordinator work as a team to make the Plan of Care.


Voluntary Participation
You can stop getting waiver services at any time.


Quality of Care
Your child should get services from people who are trained and who know what kind of help they need.


Civil Rights
Your child should get services where people don't treat them differently because of their disability, race, religion, age, sex, or nationality.


Notice of Changes
You must tell the Support Coordinator of any changes in your income, where you live or whom you live with.


Fair Hearings
You need to tell the Support Coordinator if you have any problems with services. You can also appeal, or disagree with a decision.


Help Lines
Anyone can call a help line at any time if they need help, want more information, or if they just have questions.


Rights and Responsibilities Form
The Support Coordinator must give you a copy of these rights when you start services.


The Support Coordinator will give you a copy of these rights.

Click on the link below to download a copy.


Source: LDH