The Registry and new Tiered System

The Request for Services Registry is a running list of all the people who qualify for Medicaid Waivers.

The Registry is like a wait list, but the system is changing and it's more like a priority list now.  If your family member qualifies for a Waiver, their name will go on this list to wait their turn for an opening.

The Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (OCDD) is changing the way the Waivers Registry works. The goal is to better serve people who are on this waitlist and get more help sooner to those who need it most.

The new system is called a Tiered Waiver System.

There will be only one Registry for all waivers, and people with the most urgent needs will be offered services sooner.

If you are on the Registry, they will offer you a waiver based on these 3 things:

  1. How urgent your needs are

  2. Your date of application (“protected date”)

  3. The funding that’s available

Some things to know about the Registry:

  • The date your family member's name goes on the Registry is called the Protected Service Date.

  • If your child is in EarlySteps, their name can go on this list right way. This is a huge help because it gives them a head start!

  • There are many things that affect the wait time. If your child's situation changes and becomes more urgent, they could get services sooner.

  • You should get a letter every year to confirm your status on the Registry. You will have to confirm every year that you still need the services! Write them a letter, and call! 

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