Ask about other services from OCDD

There are other services that can help your family and your child while you are waiting for the waiver!

Ask the person at the HSD office what other services your child can get through OCDD.

Here are some examples:

  • EPSDT Personal Care Services: They will pay for a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) to come and help your family member with things like bathing and grooming, eating, household chores and getting to the doctor. (Of course these are different for children and adults.)

  • Flexible Family Funds: If a child has a very severe disability, your family may be able to get a monthly stipend to help pay for special costs.

  • Individual Family Support: There may be some services you can get to make sure that your family member can continue to live at home.

Ask about these services by name, even if they don't mention them!

Image of one person speaking up in a crowd
Speak up if you don't get what you need!
You know your child best, and you have a right to push for the services they are entitles to.


Click here for a list of HSD offices.


Source: LDH, OCDD