Keep in touch with the office

If anything changes in your family member's situation, call your HSD office and tell them about the change.

Also, put it in writing and send a them a letter.

Here's what you should do:

  • Tell them if your address changes — this is important so you don't miss the offer letter when it comes!

  • Tell them if your family member’s health, abilities, or situation changes. Have they been put in the hospital? Have they started to have emotional problems? Have their skills gotten worse? If they're needs are more urgent, you might be able to get other services.

  • Always keep records of phone calls and copies of letters.

Keep your eyes out for letters from Statistical Resources, Inc. They should send you a letter once a year to confirm that you still want the services. You must reply to this every year!

Don't miss your chance to accept a Medicaid Waiver!

Click this link for a list of HSD offices. (It will open in a new tab.) Or click on the button below: