Getting the results and what happens next

The next step is to get the evaluation results and find out if your child qualifies.

The results will also suggest what kinds of services your child may need.

There are 3 main outcomes: 

  1. Your child qualifies for services.

  2. Your child qualifies for short-term services (6 months). It may be that your child's issue is likely to resolve in that time. You will get a re-evaluation in 6 months to see if you need more time.Or it may be short term because your child will soon turn 3. Your coordinator will help you to get the services you need until you transition out of EI.

  3. Your child does not qualify. If you don't agree, there are things you can do. The EI program will also help you find other resources and supports.

You will get the results in the mail. Click on the link at the end of the page to download a sample of the form they'll send.

If you qualify for services:

  • The EI team, which includes you, will talk about the services your child needs.

  • They will assign you a Service Coordinator. This person will help you with everything from now on.

  • You will schedule an IFSP meeting to create the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).

Click the box below to learn more:

The EI program will assign you a Service Coordinator. 

This person will guide you through the process and coordinate your family's EI services.


The Service Coordinator will: 

  • explain how the process goes, and answer any questions you have

  • schedule a meeting to decide what services your family needs 

  • tell you about creating an IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan)

  • help write the IFSP

  • coordinate the services your family gets from EI

If  you don't qualify, see the next section in the menu. We'll tell you what you can do.

Source: MA DPH