Staying involved

Now that you're getting the services, here's what you can do to keep on top of things:

  • Play with your child often! Practice the skills that your service providers work on.

  • Notice any changes in your child, and what kind of play they respond to best.

  • Know that you can review the IFSP and make changes any time you want!If you want to change anything about the services, talk to your service coordinator.

  • Don't be afraid to speak up and ask questions. Your EI providers are there to help your whole family.

Kids and families can change quickly! Your child may catch up and not need the same services after a while. Or your family may have new challenges that you want to address.

To make sure that the services are working:

  • Your coordinator will review the IFSP with you after 6 months

  • You will get a re-evaluation after 1 year