Permission to communicate with the health insurance company

To help your family member with their health insurance, you'll need authorization if you need to: File a claim for your family member, confirm that they can go to a specialist, Find out if a service or drug is covered.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Talk about this with your family member, a lawyer, and other helpful people like teachers, case managers, or doctors.

  2. Call the 1-800 number on your family member’s insurance card. If someone else owns the policy, call to see if you’re allowed to speak with someone over the phone about your family member's insurance.

  3. If they say that you're not authorized to speak to someone, tell the policy owner to call the insurance company and ask that you get permission. They might need to fill out a form.

    • **If you have MassHealth, this is called the Authorized Representative form. Click the link at the end of the page to download a PDF of the form.

  4. Submit proof that you have the legal right to conduct affairs on behalf of your family member. These documents will qualify for this:

    • custody agreement

    • guardianship appointment

    • power of attorney

    • health care proxy


Source: MassHealth